Getting properties out of the housing market has proven difficult for a lot of homeowners. This could be because securing an affordable mortgage is hard for buyers, the property for sale might be too old, or the competition in the area where the house is located is too much. Whatever the case may be, you don’t have to wait another year to be able to sell your home.

Here are some tips for selling your home quickly.

1. Talk to Several Appraisers and get Different Property Valuations

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is fixing a price for their home without finding out the worth of that property in the current house market. This makes it difficult for it to be sold, and in some cases is below the actual selling price.

The actual selling price can vary depending on what different appraisers think. Some even increase the value of your home so that you won’t easily sell or think of gazumping – until they have found a buyer – and then they’ll convince you to reduce the price afterwards. That’s why it’s best for you talk to several appraisers and get all their property valuations. Factors like value of properties in the area, condition of the property, and current market conditions are used in determining the price of a house. Therefore, compare all valuations and the average gives you an idea of how much your home is worth.

The more reasonable and accurate the selling price is, the more likely it is that buyers will consider transacting business with you – especially when you have proof.

2. Market your Home Online

The world is pretty much “relocating” online, so everyone (including real estate businesses) goes online to look for deals. Therefore, the internet provides a good avenue for you to advertise your and sell your home fast. If you aren’t online, then you are not a serious seller – yet.

You can advertise on various property listing sites to get some exposure for your home. Go on Google and search for “house buyers” or “property listing”: the results on the first page will display a list of companies that drive the most traffic. You can start from there – instead of plastering notices on every traffic light pole or house wall you come across.

You can also take advantage of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest to spread the word about your property. A video tour of your home will provide potential online buyers with something to interact and talk about. Photographs also go a long way in giving people an idea of what to expect if they plan buying your property. Ensure that these videos and photos are professionally done to suit their purpose.

3. Place a Signage on your Property

According to research, the next best way (after the internet) to advertise your property and attract buyers is by placing a signage in front of your house – also at the beginning or end of the street where it’s located.

It’s one of the oldest methods of marketing, but it’s still efficient. When potential buyers pass by your home, or drive through the street, they will take note of the fact that your house is up for sale. You can make your signpost by yourself or ask you local estate agent to provide one for you. They will gladly include their number, logo, and even make it look attractive enough to draw the attention of buyers.

4. Make your Curb and the Home’s Interior look Appealing

A beautiful yard attracts buyers to your house before they even consider going in. No matter how small or traditional your house might look, make it look like those homes shown on TV. From a lush garden and spacious kitchen, to a well set living room and bedroom, present your house in a way that every buyer will dream of living in it once they walk in. Fix the walkways, paving stones, and driveways, mow the lawn, paint the doors, replace old siding, and create a good first impression with the landscape.

You can work on the interior design of your house with the help of home staging to give it an amazing look. Repaint the walls, fix broken tiles, remodel the kitchen, treat mildew in the bathroom, and rearrange the furniture. Take away unwanted items and excess personal effects to make make the rooms look more appealing. Your buyer (not you) should be more emotionally and physically attracted to your home so they won’t think logically – if you wish to make a good sale.

Furthermore, home staging isn’t all there is to make a house attract buyers. You can also spray a fragrance that gives your home an inviting scent – vanilla or strawberry isn’t a bad idea. There are cases where a buyer can’t even explain why they feel so attached to your house. This technique adds the needed magic to home’s interior, because if you want them to imagine walking round your home, cooking, watching TV, sleeping, and even raising kids, you have to make everywhere feel as homely as possible.

Find a way to make your house look more unique than every other property of the sort in your neighborhood. If there’s something special in your home – a pool, tennis court, a nice view of the sunset, or even a home office – make sure you add it to the advertising strategy. Buyers will want to know that they have certain features other homes don’t.

5. Hire the Services of an Experienced Local Realtor

Local estate agents have information about the open house market access, and resources and marketing materials which make selling a property much easier when compared to you trying to sell by yourself. Some even have a list of clients that might be interested in buying a property. This makes you sell your home a lot faster.

6. Make Buyers Bid for your Home

Even when you know the exact value of your home or properties in your area, start with a lower asking price. This will make buyers bid for your home. Once you have a substantial number of offers, you can pick the highest and this may even make others want to bid higher. This way, your house attracts more attention and you are likely to make a good profit. On the other hand, it may be unwise to try creating a bidding war when there are better homes in the market at lower prices, or a lot of sellers listing their property at the time.

7. Pricing: This also applies to Owners who wish to Sell without a Realtor

When trying to get a price for your property, look at other similar houses that have been listed in your neighbourhood. Even when your local real estate agent has given you the details you seek, knowing the value of these comparables gives you an idea of what price range you should expect.

When trying to arrive at a specific price, use “under the century” numbers or charm pricing. For instance, if your home is worth £300,000, you can list it for £298,750. This is because buyers will feel like you have properly calculated and gotten a reasonable figure, when functionally, it’s pretty much the same thing. Retail stores also use this strategy during sales to attract customers.

Separate your home from the other comparables by listing on a distinct price range. If two groups of properties sell between £250,000 – £260,000 and £270,000 – £289,000, you can list yours for £255,000 – £279,000. This is an easy way of making yours stand out from amongst the pack.

Keep in mind that autumn and spring are the best times of the year for listing your home in the house market. This is because everywhere is warm, kids are either starting or just leaving school, and people just got back from vacations or are about to go on one. These are also the times when the market booms, especially compared with winter or summer (with the harshest conditions).

There are times when buyers may not be in a hurry to make any purchase, especially when all property numbers keep going up. You will have to be that homeowner who won’t cling on to a price and refuse to give in – if you wish to close a deal. Give yourself a deadline for when you will reduce your price if your bidders refuse to go beyond their asking price, or when you haven’t gotten a buyer at all. This helps you sell your home faster. If you have an estate agent and you aren’t in a rush, then you can simply be patient and let them get a buyer for your property.

Finally, there are times when you will either be too busy to sell, or you aren’t comfortable with the local estate agents you interviewed. Then you can resort to a house flipping company. House flipping companies are those real estate investors that buy houses and resell them after a short period of time. Some of them also buy to let. They are beneficial to you if you’re desperately in need of money during a hard time or you just want to sell off the property as quickly as possible. But be sure you have carefully considered your decision before taking any action.

Follow these tips and you won’t have to wait for a long time before selling your home.

Published on 31st October 2017

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