Are People Happy With Cash For Home Companies?

You may be in need of quick cash and might also have found someone who’s willing to buy your home, but this doesn’t mean you should simply throw caution to the wind. Grabbing any old deal offered to you by a Cash for Home company could just turn out to be something you later regret.

Though there are a good number of transparent and reliable Cash for Home companies willing to purchase any house, there are others that operate unscrupulously and look to take advantage of unwitting homeowners – especially those who urgently need cash.

Selling your home is a significant financial commitment, so it is important to take appropriate steps to ensure you get the best deal possible. You can determine the reliability and competence of a Cash for Home company by properly researching it and reading reviews left by previous customers.

‘Sell my house fast’ reviews

A ‘Sell my house fast’ company that has a record of satisfying its clients will usually have received positive feedback.  Listed below are reviews submitted by UK clients who made use of the Cash for Home services of Speed Property Buyer.

  • Karen Sedgbeer’s impression of the company: “I wanted to sell my house fast and was very pleased with the property buying service. It was very quick and they kept us involved throughout the sale process.
  • Shirley Horandi had this to say: “Speed Property Buyer were extremely polite… and helped us solve difficult situations…

Clients of Any House Wanted also gave the following positive reviews:

  • Mr Robins of Headingley, Yorkshire, shared his similarly positive experience: “I had a smallish mortgage… I simply sold my maisonette to Any House Wanted, which released the cash… the whole process went through smoothly.”
  • Mr Flemmings of Epping, Essex, commented: “I was worried my house was never going to sell, as it had subsidence and was in a state of disrepair. It had been on the market for over 12 months, before my colleague at work recommended Any House Wanted. The sale went through in six days. I could not thank Paul and the team at Any House Wanted enough.”

Cash property buyers like Quick Buyers go a step further when being reviewed by an independent body such as Feefo, via which clients can submit feedback. Some are listed below:

  • According to Mrs Sue Williams, who found Quick Buyers great to work with: “They were very good and everything happened just as they predicted. Quick Buyers are a great company and we would recommend them to anybody needing their services.
  • Mr Ian Hobbs described Quick Buyers as a first rate service: “They come highly recommended. Quick Buyers actively managed the whole transaction from start to finish and were very good at following up any outstanding matters. They were in regular contact and made the effort to keep us informed of any progress.”
  • Mr David Knowles however had a slightly different experience, commenting: “The process took far too long and although they tried hard to make progress, it was not until Anne took over that they really became proactive.”

Quick Move Now has also been reviewed on Feefo:

  • According to Mr Jorgensen, he had a quick and easy experience: “The length of time from my father’s death to the house sale completion was only three weeks. Of that, Quick Move Now only took seven working days, making the process quick and easy at a difficult time for my family.”
  • Mr Nicholas G said: “The whole procedure was smooth from start to finish. There was very little for us to do, other than provide the solicitor with the necessary information and agree on a completion date… the real benefits are speed and security.”
  • Mr Nigel Gilbert further added: “Quick, efficient and pleasant to deal with…The sale was completed within two weeks, with no hassle whatsoever. You will receive under the market value, but if using this type of company, you know that they will do exactly what they say.”

Not all reviews are positive though…

Take Mrs Anne Baker’s review of Gateway Homes, which was published on The Telegraph website: she was trying to sell off an inherited property at the time, when she was gazundered by the Cash for Home company she was dealing with.

‘Gazundering’ is a practice that is common amongst unscrupulous Cash for Home companies. The act involves offering an attractive price which the property owner agrees to, then suddenly reducing that offer just before a contract is signed. A property owner in such a situation often feels cornered, and is compelled to agree to the reduced price. According to Mrs Baker, she lost £40,000 in selling her home to Gateway Homes.

Other homeowners using the services of Cash for Home companies have suffered similar experiences. However, you can avoid falling victim to such scams by hiring the services of a reputable company, whose customers have put forth positive reviews about their services. As well as this, there are other ways to verify the veracity of a Cash for Home business.

What are quick house sale scams to be aware of?

Use simple steps and checks to ensure you aren’t dealing with a scam Cash for Home company. Such companies usually bear the following traits:

  1. Unrealistic offer for your home: scam Cash for Home companies tend to make offers that are ‘too good to be true’ to homeowners, only to renege on their offer at the last minute. For instance, a genuine Cash for Home firm will never offer 100% value of your home. The highest homeowners using such a service will ever likely be offered is 90%, and even that is a rarity. Typically, what’s offered will be anywhere between 75% and 85% of the property’s value – and that will depend on both the company and the quality of the property.

A scam company will offer an unrealistic high price for your home. Then at the last minute, when you are most vulnerable, they’ll offer a lower price. Companies with a record of such dubious practices should be avoided at all costs.

  1. Involving third parties: a genuine Cash for Home buyer doesn’t require an outside financier or a third party to buy your property. They are personally capable of buying your property with their own cash, within days. Any company that stalls on payments or requires another party to finance the purchase of your home is not a genuine Cash for Home business. Using the services of such a company can lead to delays in finalising the sale of your home, as well as you having to endure more hassle than you originally bargained for.
  2. Registered business: a genuine Cash for Home enterprise will be a registered company with a registered address and an actual place of business. Aside from having a physical presence, it will also be a registered member of bodies such as The Property Ombudsman and the National Association of Property Buyers.

Perform your due diligence and have checks carried out on a buyer, before agreeing to do business with them. Having done so, you should have a degree of confidence as to what to expect from the Cash for Home buyer you’ve chosen to work with. If you are at all suspicious of anything you’ve found out about a buyer, it’s best to try your luck with another company that will offer you better peace of mind.

Benefits of using a ‘Sell my house fast’ company, with positive reviews

If you need to get cash in a hurry or sell your home quickly, a Cash for Home buyer can be a good choice – especially if you need to speedily accomplish the following:

  • Clear financial debts or avoid repossession of your home.
  • Sell off an inherited property that you are unable or unwilling to manage.
  • Change home due to health-related issues.
  • Sell because of a divorce or another relationship breakdown.
  • Suddenly relocate for work or other similar reasons.

A Cash for Home company can be a great option to pursue if you want to sell your house quickly, as well as to avoid the hassles associated with trying to sell through an estate agent, auction, or any other traditional means. Though it’s true you won’t be able to sell your house at a price that matches its market value, there are other advantages that make up for the reduced profit, especially if you use

Published on 8th November 2017

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