You could save £370 by comparing home removal company quotes

There are now dozens of websites on the internet comparing removal company quotes, but some earn commission from the companies, so how can you be sure that the company you pick is reliable, trustworthy and provides great service?As an expert in this area, I’ve written an honest article sharing my advice.

Why should you listen to me?

Well I’ve moved home on average twice a year since 2011 and as a property trader I’ve also helped 1000’s of homeowners move home since 2008. With all this moving, dealing with relocation firms has become almost second nature.

A few months back I realised, apart from a couple of comparison sites offering quotes, there are no real resources online explaining the best ways to choose your removal company.

With this in mind I think I have the knowledge to explain in honest detail how you can also get the great deals I negotiate on a weekly basis. Plus: I don’t take commission, so I can be completely unbiased.

So how can you really find the best removal company quotes?


Before I tell you how to save £100’s, it’s important to remember it’s not just about the cheapest price. The old saying “save once spend twice” is also true when deciding on a removal company.

You need to remember to compare apples with apples to make sure the cheapest quote is like for like, and you’re not being offered a lesser service for a lower price.

Top 7 ways to choose the best removal company:

  1. Make sure they are a member of a trade body, such as the British Association of Removers. Being a member means they agree to follow the BAR code of practice.
  2. Check what insurance they carry – including what and how much you’re covered for! Make sure your items are insured for both loss and damage, as these are the most common issues when moving home.
  3. Make sure you’re clear about any extra costs. If they offer a packaging service, have they quoted for the package materials, labour, etc in the price? On arrival will there be any extra costs for re-assembling furniture such as beds, etc? More about what you should request in your quote below.
  4. Check out any online removal company reviews on websites such as, TrustPilot and Google+. Don’t just read the reviews on their websites; they’re not going to include the bad ones!
  5. If they are a local firm, ask them to pop around so you can get a better feel for the removal company and their service.
  6. Always get three home removal quotes – and never accept the first price (more on this later).
  7. Last but not least always ask some friends if they know any great removal companies you can try. Why not post on Facebook, asking friends to recommend someone?

After following the above tips on choosing three removal companies it now time to make your final choice.

What if the company you like most is not the cheapest quote?

Talk to them! Sounds silly to say but, myself included, people tend to get three quotes and forget that this is just a starting price. We don’t negotiate and just choose whichever company we liked the most, but then we could miss out on £100’s more in savings!

Don’t fall into this quote trap!

Roll up your sleeves and dedicate just an hour more to getting the best price possible for your home move. It’ll be worth it.

The art of getting the best home removal price

Removal Company - Couple moving in new home house

You’re about to learn my tried and tested way to secure the best possible price for your home removal. Let’s turn you into a negotiating ninja! You’ll be so good at negotiating, Downing Street will be calling for help negotiating Brexit! OK… maybe I’m getting a little excited here, but honestly if you use what I’m going to teach you below, I guarantee you’re going to get a great deal on your home removal quote.

Step 1. Setting the scene – call the most expensive quote first!

Calling the highest removal quote first sets highest price which is going to be really important in the next steps.

Tell them what your cheapest quote was – making sure they are ‘like for like’ quotes beforehand. The last thing you want is to end up with a salesperson politely arguing very small details with you. The point of the first call is to quickly find out if they can match or better your cheapest quote. Have their quote in front of you so you can make any notes including the new price!

Step 2. Pushing down the best price

You’ve set your highest price on the first call. Now it’s time to see what you’re lowest removal price might be. Start the conversation with something like:

“Hi, I’ve had a look through your removal quote, and I have to say I’m really happy with the service you offer, but the price is a more than I was expecting. Can you take another look at the quote and tell me how much lower you could go?”

Then, and this is the most important part, say nothing! It might sound very 80’s sales man. Sales reps are like anyone else, they hate long periods of silence. Normally they will quickly fill the silence with a revised price.

Step 3. Now it’s time to really get the best price for moving home

Whatever reduced price they offer you want to saying something along the lines of:

“OK…. Well actually I was hoping for a better price than that (reps name).”

Then like before, let them speak first. Nine times out of ten, the rep will come back with a better quote. This is now your cheapest benchmark. Just let the rep know that you’re thankful for his/her time, and you’re going to quickly discuss it with your partner/friend, etc. before making a final decision.

Step 4. Speak to the two mid- and high-range removal companies

Speak with the mid-price quote and after confirming their quote is ‘like for like’, let them know your cheapest quote and ask if they can improve on theirs. Repeat the process with the first company and you know have three, often substantially reduced, removal company costs to consider.

Which removal company quote should you choose?

So long as the prices are not too different I’d recommend you went with the company that made the best overall impression. Refer back to my seven ‘top tips for choosing a removal company’ above, and pick the one who offers the best service.

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