How we work

Our ‘Sell Your House Fast’ Service, created with our specialist lawyers, has been assisting homeowners looking to sell their property, regardless of their circumstances, for over 5 years.

We have developed 3 ways to sell your home quickly and this is the only such service available in the UK today!

Sell House Fast Service

Over the years, while we have helped many people achieve an equitable cash offer on their home, unfortunately we also found homeowners who we could not help – because a quick cash purchase was not always suitable.

We worked hard to solve this problem by creating our ‘Sell Your House Fast’ service which offers 3 distinct services.

We believe these 3 services are unmatched by traditional estate agents, and ‘cash buying’ companies because it truly covers every situation we have been presented with over the years. Homeowners typically fall into two categories which are ‘need a fast property sale’ to ‘need the highest offer’. Only our Sell Your House Fast Service caters for both and together with our 3rd Lease Option product, we can even help homeowners who need to sell quickly, but are in negative equity.

Quick Cash Sale

Our most popular product is our 7-28 day instant cash offer and property purchase. This is when your property can be purchased almost instantly for cash with no fees to pay or waiting. It is really popular with homeowners who just want a fast sale without any hassle or delay.

Advantages Disadvantages
Instant Cash Purchase (7-28 days) Below Market Value Offer
No Fees

Assisted Property Sale

If there is no rush in selling the property, then another popular product we offer is an assisted sale. This involves us signing an ‘Option Agreement’ to purchase the property at ‘close to market value’. We will then use our vast marketing experiences to sell the property on your behalf via our national network of estate agents, at a fixed price, with no additional fees to pay. This means you get a similar price to selling via a traditional estate agent, but without any hassle, fees or delay.

Advantages Disadvantages
Instant Guide Price Slower sale (2-3 months)
Higher Sale Price
No Fees

Lease Option Sale

Widely used in Australia and USA, Lease Options are relatively new in the UK, however they are growing in popularity due to their flexibility. We were one of the first companies is the UK to set up such arrangements after consulting with our lawyers on best practise. Lease Options effectively create a tenancy agreement between the homeowner and us for a period of 2-10 years. They are most effective when the property is in negative equity and the homeowner wants to move out without any future liability. We will calculate the future property value, maintenance costs, and rental income, then agree a price fixed for 2-10 years during which time we take on all the liabilities, including your mortgage, insurance, and maintenance payments.

Advantages Disadvantages
Guaranteed Cash Offer Slower sale (2-10 years)
Up to 110% market value offer
Negative Equity Solution
We take over your house
No Fees
You still own the property
You are tied into the contact

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Our Funding

We have access to a large allocation of cash from a pool of national investors including asset management companies, pension funds, hedge funds and high net individuals.


The company was originally founded by Daniel Morgan, who along with his team of experienced agents, started buying properties during the 2008 recession when he saw a real lack of liquidity in the financial market, putting huge pressure on homeowners looking to sell their property.

After researching the market extensively, we realised a combination of property buyers unable to access finance and estate agents over promising, had resulted in homeowners throughout the UK either being stuck in a property chain or having to sell their property to local cash buyers & investors at huge discounts.

Our solution was to create a platform where sellers receive a local service from a local agent, alongside competition between the cash buyers who compete to make the best offer.

Behind the scenes at your information is securely profiled to match our best solutions and buyers. Without disclosing any personal information, we request final bids from investment companies who want to invest in your area and select the best offer to propose to yourself.

Our system does this in a matter of hours which is why most homeowners looking for a fast property sale get their property valuation within 1 hour, and a cash offer within 24 hours.

We were buying property for cash long before other websites started offering ‘quick house sale’ services. In fact, we help over 10,000 homeowners every year get a cash offer on their home.


As you can see from our services above we really can help homeowners in the UK achieve a quick property sale, regardless of their situation. We know that one size does not fit all, which is why traditional estate agency and quick cash buying models do not work for everyone.

If you’re a homeowner looking to sell your home without any fees on your own terms, then we welcome you to get in touch today either via our instant online property valuation, or by giving us a call.

P.S. You’ll notice that if you call our competitors you’ll normally speak to a 3rd party call answering service, who will just take your details and say someone will call you back. If you call us today, you’ll speak to a real member of our team who will go through our options immediately!

Get a 60 Second Valuation Now!

I wanted to put real options forward for homeowners needing to sell their home regardless of their reasons.

After seeing the negative effects of the credit bubble bursting in 2008 I decided to find new ways to help homeowners sell their property in a transparent way, without confusing contracts, and false promises.

I didn’t want anonymous websites or call centres, offering miss-leading statements to homeowners looking for real solutions – this is why I believe our service is unrivalled and why so many people recommend us to friends and family.

Once you contact us, you will quickly see the difference between our website and the competition.

I wish you the very best in your property sale and hope you agree that our approach to selling property is better than any other option.

Yours Sincerely,

Daniel Morgan

Founder - Property Cash Buyers