Sell Your House for Cash

There are 100’s of property buying companies online who promise to buy your house for cash but few can actually deliver this, we do it every day.

Property Cash Buyers is one of the largest ‘sell your house fast’ companies helping over 10,000 homeowners looking for a quick house sale receive a cash offer on their home every year.

Selling your house to us for cash means you are not in a long property chain, or need to worry about us pulling out due to finance issues. The cash offer made to you is guaranteed, subject to survey.

Other benefits of selling your house for cash to us include:

  • Free EPC valued at £100.00
  • Free Legal Fees valued at £1,200.00
  • Fee RICS Survey valued at £400.00

Our service is 100% risk free and has no costs from start to finish. More importantly, when you sell your property for cash to us, we keep you updated every step of the way with our award winning ‘Case Tracking System’. The system tracks the progress of your property sale from initial free valuation, through to completion. Our team will always be on hand to help you with any questions.

Property Cash Buyers Vs Private Sale

Selling your house for cash to us instead of selling your house privately has several benefits. When you sell privately via sites such as Gumtree or Private House Sale you are still having to sell onto buyers who may either not have finance ready or need to wait for their property to sell first. This can mean you having dozens of people coming to your home at different times only to find that none can actually complete on the purchase. Selling on the market via an Estate Agent avoids this, as they will carry out checks on buyers first but obviously they charge very high fees for this service. The main disadvantage to selling your house on the market privately is the lack of exposure you will get to potential buyers. There are Estate Agency rules which mean private house sellers cannot list their home legally on sites such as Rightmove and Zoopla. Whilst some websites might break these rules you, as the seller, are also breaking them and are breaching the Property Miss-description Act, this can lead to large fines and penalties. For this reason most people selling their property privately have to rely on the marketing budget of a private sale website to attract traffic, but in all honesty few buyers ever find their website as they will all visit Rightmove and Zoopla instead.

  • No viewings or marketing required
  • Guaranteed cash offer
  • No chain or finance delays
  • Quick sale within 7 days if required
  • Case tracking throughout the process
  • Free EPC, Legal fees & survey
  • £0 upfront or agent fees

Property Cash Buyers Vs Other Cash Buyers

There are many property cash buyers to choose from both Nationally and Locally. What makes us different is our Two Selling Options (See below). We welcome sellers who are looking for a quick sale to go and get cash offers from our competitors. We are confident that we will always beat them on price and service.

  • Guaranteed to beat any other offer
  • No hidden fees. 100% FREE in all circumstances
  • 2 unique options not offered anywhere else
  • Award winning case tracking
  • Real cash offer for quick sale

Property Cash Buyers Vs Estate Agents

Estate Agents can provide a very valuable service to people looking to sell their home this is due to their marketing exposure, and experience with buyers and sellers. The main issue with Estate Agents is they often have 100’s of properties to sell, and can sometimes fail to market your property in the best way. The majority of our customers looking to sell their house fast are already with Estate Agents, but have found they promise to get the best offer quickly, but can end up with their property sitting on the market for months with no sale. Worst of all, even after a sale is agreed there are still many potential dangers of the sale falling through, or the buyer reducing their offer. These can include property buyers not being able to raise finance, a change of circumstances, or being stuck in a chain.

As a property cash buyer client you will have none of these issues with us. We will make you a cash offer on your home and if agreeable will buy your house quickly. We do not need to market the property or wait for finance. Finally Estate Agency fee are expensive and often run into £1000’s with the VAT man adding 20% on top. None of these issues affect us.

  • £0 fees to pay (save £1,000’s)
  • No property chain or finance issues
  • Private so no for sale board required
  • Sale within 7 days if required
  • Our offer is final, no reducing at the last minute

Common questions asked by our customers

How do you compare to other cash buying and quick house sale companies?
We compare very well for one important reason. We actually offer two distinct services to our customers and they can choose the one most suitable to their situation. If they are looking for a 7 day cash purchase then we can offer them this in exchange for a discount on the market price (similar to selling your car to ‘we buy any car’ type services). The second option is we will link you with a local cash buyer in your area who would also like to purchase your property. The second process takes a little longer (2-3 weeks) but they can be more flexible with their offer. We are the only property buying company who offers both services which means we cannot be beaten on price!

What does a quick house sale cash buyer actually mean?
It means that we don’t need to wait for finance to purchase your property. Many sales fall through because the buyer either has an issue selling their own property (property chain) or struggles to raise finance because of the banking crisis of 2008. Due to these issues selling to us is a real alternative because we are chain free cash buyers and don’t have any issues raising finance.

How can we sell your house fast?
After making 1,000’s of transactions we have learnt how to complete property purchases quickly for cash. It’s not always been this way but over the last 5 years we have found we can complete a house purchase for cash within as little at 7 days, we do this by streamlining the legal paperwork process. Because we can operate both locally and nationwide we have build up a network of solicitors, surveyors and agents who can visit you in your home, complete all the paperwork & case track the process to completion.

Must I sell my house quickly?
Obviously our ability to complete within 7 days does not fit all circumstances which we understand. Many of our customer looking to sell their home privately want to secure a buyer for their own home before they find and make an offer on their new home, this is why they love selling to us. You can take your time finding the best house and when you’re ready just let us know.

So if you want to Sell Your House Fast please call us or complete our free online property valuation tool.

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