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Free Investment Property Sales Guide

The following guide will give you free tips and advice on selling your buy to let property in the UK. Everyones situation is different from people who have become accidental landlords after moving to buy to let landlords with over 10 properties each person will have a different reason to sell their home. We have covered the main reasons below but please remember to get in touch for more personalised advice and a cash offer.

Below we will cover the options of selling a buy to let property portfolio.

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Property Portfolio Sale

If you have built up a buy to let portfolio then your exit strategy comes more important as time goes on. You have a couple of options in terms of selling your buy to let portfolio in the UK which include:

Selling your buy to let portfolio to your own LTD company.

The main advantage to incorporating your buy to let portfolio is the tax savings especially with the recently announced plans by George Osborn to stop landlords claiming tax relief on interest payments. The proposed plans mean that buy to let investors who own the property in their personal name with a buy to let mortgage will no longer be able to deduct the mortgage interest from their income before calculating income tax. This can cause a situation where the income tax payable is actually more than the net annual profit the buy to let investor made!

To get around this issue without selling the buy to let property or paying off the mortgage an investor could transfer the property into a Limited Company. This would allow the buy to let portfolio to become a ‘business’ and thus apply for more attractive tax relief. There are some considerations however you need to take before transferring your investment properties into a LTD company:

  • You will need to pay Capital Gains Tax personally on the transfer
  • Mortgages for Limited companies are more restrictive and expensive
  • You will not benefit from personal CGT relief on future sale

Advantages selling your buy to let property to a new LTD company are:

  • Tax treatment & relief as a business
  • Sell all or some of the shares in the company
  • Reduce tax by holding shares with spouse
  • Sell buy to let portfolio as a business
  • Reduce liability in your name

Selling your buy to let portfolio at auction

If you prefer to sell your buy to let portfolio at auction it comes with some obvious advantages when compared to a traditional open market sale.

  • Multiple buyers bidding on your property
  • Quick investment portfolio sale (normally 28 days)
  • Sell multiple buy to let properties on the same day
  • Selling a buy to let property with tenants is possible
  • Selling more then 1 property means fees are negotiable

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