The Benefits of Selling Your Home for Cash

House buying in England and Wales is costly, stressful, and time consuming. It’s a fact, right? Well not necessarily.

It’s true, we don’t have the easiest of house selling and purchasing systems, it’s not generally considered an easy process to navigate. It also certainly has its costs and pitfalls.

But there is one key way that you can get around these problems and turn the house selling process from one filled with worry and angst, to one that is smooth, quick, cost-efficient and a great decision: selling for cash.

The Usual Process

The usual house selling process involves a mad weekend of cleaning and tidying followed by a call to the local estate agents. You then welcome them through your front door, listen to their sales patter, and don’t come out entirely convinced you’re getting the truth. You then work on a process of elimination and decide who to run with. They get advertising, you get back on board with the cleaning, tidying, show home routine. You hide away 90% of the kids toys, the dog spends far too much time in the shed, and heaven help you if a prospective buyer decides to open the airing cupboard where you’ve stashed your much loved, but not ‘home-selling’ 1970s vintage Star Wars collection. And that’s just the start of your time in Limbo Land.

From here, you cross your fingers and embark upon a roller-coaster of emotions that takes in detours down Survey Lane via Mortgage Motel. You get bombarded with information, or deathly silence. You wade through document after document and find yourself googling ‘stress free house selling’ and wondering why you can’t just ride through the process serenely and as speedily as a swift.

Assuming you have the easiest ride ever, you might just, if you’re lucky and with a good tail wind, sell your home and hand over your keys in 4 months. If you’re lucky. You’re then left with the process of resuming normal life, getting rid of the built up stress, and reassuring your children and the dog that they are loved and valued members of the family despite the past few months. Not much fun.

The Answer: Selling for Cash

So that’s the usual process, the road down which most home-owners travel when it comes to selling their property. It’s not exactly plain sailing.

But there is another option. One that isn’t well known in the UK market, and certainly isn’t routinely considered as a worthwhile and valuable option, even though it very much is.

Chances are you’ve heard of cash buyers: those elusive rich retirees who swoop in and just happen to be sat on a pot of cash ready to stop your house selling train dead in its tracks. However, Cash Buyers are so much more than that.

It is possible to sell your home for cash to a reputable, non-elusive, well-established business specialising in cash buying. Behind firms like Property Cash Buyers are reputable sources of funding from a pool of investors that includes asset management companies, pension funds and high net individuals. You can have a cash buyer for your property without that elusive luck. You can have a cash buyer for your property because you choose to.

Why Choose a Cash Buyer?

There’s a myriad of reasons as to why you may want to choose a cash buyer. The national house-selling process using estate agents is notoriously slow. This means that releasing the equity from your home via the traditional sales method is risky and potentially not going to happen in the timescales you need.

The reasons are multiple from an urgent need to relocate or emigrate due to work; or a need for equity release to help out a struggling loved one; from a painful divorce or relationship breakdown that would be easier without property hanging around in the mix or debt clearance because it’s all just got too much; from a desire to avoid repossession whilst still gaining something from the value of your home or a wish to dispose of inherited property quickly; from a sudden health or age related concern meaning capital is needed for care sooner rather than later. Cash buying of your home unlocks the value in your home, in to your pocket, fast.

What are the Benefits?

The things you need to check include:

  • Is the offer for the cash purchase of my own property fixed?
  • Is there any chance that the amount I will actually receive will be reduced at various stages in the process and too late for me to back out?
  • What service is the business providing? Are they an actual cash buyer or an agent? What guarantees are there that I will get my money?
  • What percentage of the market value does the cash buyer typically pay?
  • How long have they been trading? Can I see reviews? What is their past performance like?

Let’s take a look at the main benefits of selling your home for cash rather than the traditional route.

House 2

1) Fast, Speedy Sale

The number one advantage of a cash sale is speed. Within 24 hours you’ll have a realistic offer on your property. You’re under no obligation at that point at all. You have time to look at the offer, understand the terms and the process, and evaluate whether it will work for you.

In contrast to most other Cash Buyer businesses, Property Cash Buyers realise that every situation is different, even if the desired outcome is the same: a fast hassle-free sale. Therefore we offer three distinct cash buying packages so that you can choose the one that is best for you:

The Quick Cash Sale: our most popular option that sees you sell your home within 14 days based on an instant cash offer. There are no fees and no waiting. You get instant cash. The downside is you will get a below-market offer.

The Assisted Property Sale: this option is more of a halfway house whereby we purchase from you at ‘close to market value’ but we are selling via estate agents for a fixed price, but with no additional fees. The plus of this option is a higher sale price but the sale is a little slower at 2-3 months.

The Lease Option: if you need cash fast but want to stay in your home then the Lease Option could be for you. Relatively new to the UK you get a guaranteed cash offer and a fixed priced tenancy for 2-10 years. This is an ideal negative equity solution and again doesn’t see you paying any fees.

Whatever way you choose, Property Cash Buyers get you the money from your home, fast.

2) It Won’t Fall Through

If the national house selling process is notorious for one thing only, it would be the high risk of things falling through when you’ve already committed time, money and emotion. The traditional house selling process can fall through for a large range of reasons.

House buyers have a nasty habit of changing their mind or getting cold feet when the process is already well under way. The reason: it’s an emotive decision to purchase. With a cash buying company like Property Cash Buyers, the decision to purchase your home is based on sound business decisions and commitment rather than emotional investment.

Another reason house buyers tend to pull out of the process is down to surprises cropping up on the survey. Given the vast majority of buyers in England and Wales aren’t in themselves cash buyers this can leave them with the problem of knowing what to do. They may find their lender isn’t happy to lend based on the survey results, they may feel they haven’t got the financial backing to make the necessary repairs suggested in the survey. The result: they back out. Sale falls through.

Unfortunately there are a vast number of the population who foolishly make their offer on a property before ascertaining how much they can borrow and what it will entail. The result is that everyone is part way through the process, with both time and money gone, before it comes to light that your purchaser hasn’t been able to secure a mortgage.

Finally, another reason that house sales fall through comes down to complexities. Without a cash buyer somewhere in the mix you end up with horribly long inter-dependant chains. The issue here is that chains are only as strong as their weakest link. It only takes one member getting cold feet and the whole chain comes crashing down.

3) You Can Stay in Your Property & Rent it Back

If you need to realise equity but you’re not ready to leave your home then a cash buying scheme could be perfect for you. With a guaranteed fixed rental amount for a period between 2 and 10 years, you get the cash in your house, get to stay put, and ultimately see up to 110% of the market value. This can be an invaluable solution if you’re in negative equity, and knowing where you stand financially gives you peace of mind when you need it most.

house 4

4) There are No Fees

Do your homework on selling your home and you’ll soon discover that there is a whole raft of fees that gradually add to the total bill. Moving home is not cheap. Property Cash Buyers have helped over 10,000 home owners save an average of £4672 in estate agency and legal fees whilst in the same process achieving up to 100% of the market value. Knowing that you are selling your home without incurring expensive fees is a big pro to using a cash buyer.

5) You’re Dealing With Professionals, Not Amateurs Spurred by Emotion

We can’t over-emphasise this point enough. Homes become personal. From the minute you decide to sell your vision moves elsewhere. Meanwhile, on the other side of the fence is the potential buyer whose emotions are going all over the place like a roller-coaster, as likely to change as the wind direction. By accepting an offer via an estate agent you’re taking a gamble – will this purchaser mess you around? Will they actually complete?

With a Cash Buying business this isn’t the case. We understand that the sale of your home is emotional for you, but we look at it as a simple business transaction. This way you are secure knowing that the sale will actually go through, in the timescale you expect it to, with guarantees. There is no better safety net when it comes to selling your home.

6) It’s Simple, Not Complicated

The UK house selling process is complicated. Fact. Knowing how to navigate it depends on you relying on information from people such as estate agents and solicitors who have a vested interest. Knowing you’re doing the right thing at the right time, can be tough.

One of the key benefits of selling your home for cash is that the process is infinitely simpler. A professional does the leg work for you. With a reputable firm like Property Cash Buyers you know exactly what the offer is, what it entails, no complicated jargon and no divided loyalties. The result is that you feel more in control of the process, knowing what you’re getting, when you’re getting it, and what you need to do.

house 3

7) No Buyer Finance Issues

This is becoming more and more of a problem as a result of the Government introducing tighter lending criteria therefore making it harder for buyers to secure their mortgage. Additionally they may discover that they can’t in fact borrow as much as they thought.

For Cash Buyers this isn’t a problem: the money is already there. At Property Cash Buyers we have access to pools of funds that mean we can instantaneously back up our decision to purchase, meaning you’re not taking a risk on the funds being available.

8) You Can Even Sell Properties that are ‘Hard to Sell’

Certain sales can become a real headache for their owners and their property falls in to the hard to sell category. This may be something as simple as only having owned the property for less than 6 months and lenders not being prepared to see beyond the risk of a ‘seasoned title. Other problems may include short leases, or leases with issues in them, or sitting tenants, structural problems or properties made of non-standard construction.

In these cases, selling to a cash buying firm may be the only solution, and a simple solution at that, to a potentially complex problem on the open market.

9) Less Worry & Stress

Whatever you do, when it comes to house-selling, don’t underestimate this reason. Our national house buying process leaves non-nationals open mouthed when they hear about the levels of risk and uncertainty involved. It’s a tough and stressful process even for the shortest of chains and simplest of sales.

With Property Cash Buyers you take hassle and stress out of the equation. Everything is up front, no nasty surprise, no long and drawn out process that leaves you sporting more grey hairs.

Given that moving house is up there as one of the most stressful things you can do, ever, why do it the hard way when you don’t have to?

Realise the Benefits of Selling Your Home for Cash

Going against the norm can often be a scary prospect. In Britain at the moment selling for cash is not yet mainstream. However, this doesn’t mean that the benefits aren’t there for the taking. Do your homework, check the credentials of the firm you are using and check they live up to their claims. Once you realise they do, then rest assured that the benefits of selling your home for cash will greatly outweigh any negatives and ensure you receive the equity from you home in a fast, stress-free, hassle-free, clear and simple way.

Published on 14th June 2016

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