How to sell your house fast

There are many reasons why you might want to sell your home quickly; perhaps you need a quick sale to move into your dream property, or relocate abroad. Maybe you’re getting divorced, or inherited the property and just want it sold fast. Or it could be that you’re trying to avoid repossession

Whatever the reason, there are a number of things you can do to get a quick sale:

Get your house valued

You can ask a local estate to come and view your property with no obligation, and advise both market price and a quick-sale price. This will give you an idea of how much you’d get for your home.

Don’t just go with the first price you get – ask at least three different agents to give you their opinion, so you have a good understanding of the market value. Then you can be sure what is a fair price for your home.

This doesn’t mean you can’t negotiate price – but if you want a quick sale, be realistic about the value of your home.

Consider some quick, easy home improvements

newly decorated living room which will help sell the property

Simple things like a coat of paint can make all the difference. Make sure your home is clean and tidy so that you can present it in the best possible light.
You can read more here on how to get your house ready to sell >

Do you property market research

couple researching online how to sell their home online

Many people think that estate agents are the only way to go. But this isn’t your only option. Estate agents have their value, but this isn’t necessarily the quickest, nor least stressful way to sell your home. If you want to sell fast, then it’s worth exploring other options.

Independent property sales

Of course, the world is a smaller place these days and there’s the option to try and sell yourself, via online selling sites and social media. Just be prepared for a lot of work, making appointments, marketing your property, answering enquiries and so on.

You’ll need to ensure that before you accept any offers, you consider if the buyer has the means to complete – do they have a mortage offer? Have they got a house to sell, and how long is their chain?

Invariably, this isn’t always the quickest option.

Consider use a quick house sale company

customer using himlaptop researching how to sell a house quickly online

A quick property sell company (like us! 🙂 ) will give you a cash price for your property, and arrange a quick sale. They will likely have investors and buyers lined up ready to purchase your property now. This is considerably quicker than finding a home buyer through an estate agent, you don’t have a chain to consider.

There are pros and cons to this approach. Some companies will offer you a price that’s less than market value, or drop the price at the last minute just before completion, so do your research and make sure you find a reputable firm who will stick to their end of the bargain.

At Property Cash Buyers, we will offer you a fair price, and stick to that price – guaranteed. Some of our sales go through in as little as 7 days!

What to check when going for a quick sale:

• You’re getting a fair price
• You’ve done your research and can trust the agent/buyer/property cash provider
• Get everything in writing
• Have your solicitor lined up
• Take a moment to consider your options – you want a quick sale, but you don’t want to regret anything! If you can, take a day before you sign on the dotted line
• Read all the paperwork thoroughly
• Be ready to move quickly

Selling with negative equity?

calculator showing a property in negative equity

Have you considered a lease option sale? This would involve selling your house, but remaining there under a lease agreement or having a company take over the mortgage and lease it to another family whilst offering you a fixed purchase price.

You can learn more about how we work at Property Cash Buyers here:

Published on 2nd March 2017

3 thoughts on “How to sell your house fast

  1. Irene Davies

    sounds good, I will have 2 flats for sale in about 2 months, they both have tenants in them, one is in Paisley, the other is in clydebank, both are 2 bedrooms, would you be willing to take them on when the time comes.
    thank you Irene Davies

    1. Daniel Morgan

      Hi Irene,
      Of course we could take them on. When you’re ready you can just complete the online form or if have any specific questions feel free to ask them here.

  2. Levit

    Great post. You can also audit your agents online marketing strategy as well as post a video about your home on youtube.

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