How to Sell Your House for Market Value

Is It Possible To Sell My House Quickly For Market Value?

There are several ways you can sell your house at a price that’s equal to its market value. Two common ways of accomplishing this are by selling your property with the help of a real estate agent, or by selling through an auction house.

By taking up the services of a real estate agent to sell your property, you’ll be hiring a professional who will help you effectively market your property to the right audience and get you in contact with potential buyers who are willing to pay a price that’s equal to the market value of your home. The beauty of hiring a real estate agent is, instead of having to market your property yourself, you have an expert at your disposal who will do the job far more effectively than you can.

The other option involves using an auction house. By putting your property up for sale through an auction house, you will present it to an audience of customers who are prepared to buy your home right there and then. In some cases, you might even be able to sell your home at a price that’s higher than its market value because of the bidding process.

While it’s true that these two methods can get your house sold at market value, they come with the downside of offering no guarantee that your house will be sold quickly.

When working with an estate agent, your property can take as long as months or even years to sell. In some cases, you might even be unable to sell the property because of an unmarketable feature of the house, or because of the state of the economy. The same thing might happen at auction as you find home buyers uninterested in buying your property because of its location, condition, or other reason.

To increase your chances of selling your property quickly via either a real estate agent or auction, you might have to compromise by reducing the asking price for your home. But keep in mind that reducing the price of your home isn’t necessarily an automatic solution that will lead to a quick sale, and even if it works, it will mean you’ve managed to sell your home quickly but not at your preferred price.

Category of Buyers that Can Buy Your House Fast for Market Value

Even though it’s generally believed that getting to sell a property quickly and at market value is impossible, the truth is it is actually possible. If you have the right house in the right location, all you need to do is find the right buyer who sees the value of your property, and is willing to pay the price to own it. If you need to relocate, or are facing repossession, or you have some other reason why you need to sell your home quickly, but want to sell it at full market value, you can accomplish this goal as long as you make sure you appeal to the right buyers in the UK.

The right buyer will not only appreciate your home and believe it is worth paying the market value for it. Such a buyer will also be in just as much of a hurry as you to buy your property, either because they would like to relocate quickly, or they would like to get their hands on your home before anyone else. Also, such a buyer will be eager to avoid a drawn out negotiations or any other delay that might frustrate the purchase.

There are a variety of such property buyers all across the UK. You just need to know how to find them, and the first step to finding such a buyer is being able to identify them. Therefore, below are listed the types of buyers you or your real estate agent should target if you would to like to sell your home at market value and as fast as possible.

Property Investors

When buying your house at its current value, property investors are more interested in the property’s future value and what they can gain from it in the long run.

Professional property investors engage in their trade by maintaining profitable relationships with companies that operate across the property industry in the UK. Also, property investors often have the necessary financial capacity to pay for your home in cash and in a single down payment. This is unlike a regular property buyer, who might lack the financial capacity to pay outright and would rather pay you in instalments over a period of time, or through a mortgage. A genuine property investor has the capital to purchase your home without a mortgage, and is always looking to expand their property portfolio.

In order to ensure a speedy transaction, an investor can agree to pay the market value of your home and thus avoid lengthy negotiations. But to ensure you don’t turn off a property investor, be careful not to offer a price that exceeds your property’s actual value. This is because an investor will usually have his/her own valuator and will thus have a good idea about what your property is actually worth.

First-Time Home Buyers

You’ll be able to sell your home quickly and at market value to this category of buyers because they tend to lack the experience and expertise at trying to steal a bargain on the housing market. Veteran home buyers will try to ensure any home purchase they make is one that favours them in every way. All a first time home buyer wants is to buy a good home without getting scammed.

Also, a first-time buyer will prefer to exchange contracts as fast as possible so that they can get the entire transaction behind them and move on with their new home.

Cash-Rich Buyers

Having to buy a home that’s in a chain arrangement is fraught with unpredictable factors. For example, a buyer in the chain can suddenly choose to back out of the transaction at any moment, and thus leave you stranded and searching for a new buyer from scratch. It’s also possible that a buyer in the chain might suddenly be unable to finance purchasing your home (this can be as a cause of their mortgage loan application being denied by their bank). Such sudden cancellations can frustrate and delay the selling of your home, and even compromise your chances of selling quickly to other buyers in the chain at market value.

Thus, buyers who aren’t dependent on third parties like mortgage providers to finance the purchase of a home are ideal potential buyers to target. These cash-rich buyers can easily afford to buy your home at market value without delay and with cash they already have. When dealing with such a buyer, a sale transaction can be finalised in a matter of days.

To avoid being short-changed by cash-rich buyers or any other type of property buyer, it is strongly advised that a homeowner has the advertised property properly valuated so as to know its true market value, and how much to accept or not accept during negotiations to sell the property.

What about a Cash for Home Buyer?

Cash buyers are also referred to as cash for home businesses. These sort of enterprises specialise in buying properties all across the UK. By working with such a firm, you can have your property sold in as little as 10 days with no hassle or delays. The best part about selling to a cash for home business is you don’t need to do any form of marketing. This is because these type of companies will gladly buy your home regardless its condition, type, size, or location. As long as you have a house and are willing to sell it fast, a genuine cash buyer will be willing and able to oblige you.

Will a Cash Buyer Give Me 100% Market Value?

While it is possible to execute a remarkably fast home sale with a cash buyer, the downside is you will not always be able to sell your home at a 100% market value. The typical cash buyer can offer you anywhere between 75 and 90 percent of the market value of your home in cash.

On the upside, by using a cash buyer, you are a 100% guaranteed to sell your house quickly, without any worries about delays. You can even specify the time frame within which you would like to finalise the sale of your property. Also, by using a cash buyer, you don’t have to worry about any of the extra expenses that are typical with using the services of an estate agent or auctioneer. This is because the cost of the entire transaction of selling your house will be covered by the cash buyer. This includes the cost of valuation, legal fees, surveyor fees, and so on. This can mean you get market value, or very close to it, when you consider what you have saved.

But there are unscrupulous cash buyers who try to take advantage of homeowners. A trademark feature of these sort of buyers is that they often make unrealistic offers, such as a payment of 110% of the market value of your home. Such cash buyers should be avoided.

Therefore, while a cash buyer might not be able to deliver the value on your home you desire, they can certainly deliver on speed, which makes them an ideal choice for people who need to sell their home for urgent reasons.


Published on 31st October 2017

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