Don’t Use Property Buyers

Don’t Just Trust Property Buying Company!

10 Ways To Make Sure you Don’t Get Less When Sell Your Home.

  1. Make sure you get at least 3 quotes from reputable property buying companies
  2. Never pay anything upfront for a valuation or cash offer
  3. Confirm in writing that they are directly cash buying your home or assisting a sale
  4. Make sure you get any offers made in writing
  5. Never sign a long term tie in contract unless they stipulate on the contract terms you have agreed to including price, time lines & any fees
  6. Negotiate free legal fees and make sure there are no abortive costs if they pull out
  7. Make sure they are regulated by the Property Ombudsman which protects you against rouge property buying firms
  8. Make sure the price you sell the property for is the same as what is documented on the legal sales contract
  9. If your cash offer is based on a RICS survey ensure you are free to leave the contract should their offer reduce
  10. Finally be mindful that if an offer sounds too good to be true it usually is.

If you follow these 10 tips you are more likely to get the best cash offer on your home whilst completing to timelines that match your circumstances.

Here at property cash buyers we are different to other property buying companies such as Property Rescue, National Property Trade, Yellow Springbok, Quick Property Buyers, We Buy Any House and many others.

We work as a comparison site and understand the criteria of all the major buying companies in the UK. We only work with companies who pass our ‘quality standard’ which includes:

  1. Member of the Property Ombudsman Scheme
  2. Proven cash buyers using their own funds
  3. Do not drop offers at the last minute
  4. Charge no up front fees
  5. Pay for your legal fees
  6. Cover any third part costs
  7. Do not tie you into long contracts
  8. Maintain over 90% customer satisfaction score

Once you submit your details we will match you to our database of over 100 UK based property buyers and will highlight 5 we believe will match your circumstances best. We will then refer you to 3 companies to make the best cash offer on your home which means you get the best cash offer currently available from any regulated property buying companies.

We charge no fees for this service and we do not get paid on completions which means we can guarantee you a 100% impartial service from start to finish. We are also on hand throughout the sales process should you encounter any issues with the sale.

Find out today how much you could get for your property by starting our free online valuation and cash offer search.

Published on 20th April 2016

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