What Documents Do I Need To Sell A House?

What is a Proof of Identity?

For UK residents, a proof of identity is usually one of the documents required by the solicitor handling a house sale. A valid proof of identity could be in the form of a passport, driving licence, utility bill, bank statement, or photo ID.

Are shared freehold/ leasehold documents relevant to the sale of my property?

Both share hold and leasehold documents are relevant to the sale of your property depending on the nature of ownership on the property. A leasehold property will require a copy of the lease to be provided. Also, a property retaining a share of the freehold will require relevant shareholding documents such as the share certificate you were provided with by the company which managed the freehold.

What is an Energy Performance Certificate?

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a document that proves that the use of energy and impact of CO2 from the property have been certified. The document is an important one and needs to be included as part of the supporting documents in the sale of a house. In the absence of an EPC, the seller would need to hire the services of a qualified assessor, preferably one recommended by the estate agent handling the sale of the property.

Do I need to get the title deeds to my property when selling my house?

You need to show the chain of ownership on a property to be sold. Title deeds include conveyances, wills, and contracts for sale, leases and mortgages. If you do not already have these, you can get from the solicitor you used at the time you purchased the property, or from your mortgage lender. Official copies of your title deed can also be obtained from the Land Registry.

When do I need to order for a management information pack?

A management information pack should be requested and paid for as soon as you begin the process of selling your home. This is because it can often take several weeks before you receive it. If your home is a leasehold, the management information pack can be obtained either by you or your solicitor from the managing agent or the freeholder.

What is a TA10 Form?

The TA10 form is also known as Fittings and Contents Form. It shows, in detailed form the contents of what is and what is not included in a property sale, and must be filled by the property seller. The TA10 form gives a comprehensive breakdown of each room and its contents. Filling this form will help to speed up the sale process. In addition, the form must be filled correctly and must be updated if there is any addition or subtractions from the property. Failure to do this could lead to a lawsuit being filled against you by the buyer for any loss.

Why do I have to fill a TA6 form when selling my property?

House owners and other residential property owners intending on selling off their property are required to fill a Property Information Form (TA6) in order to provide a detailed account of the property for the buyer. In the property information form, any reference to documents must be supported by copies of the documents, such as a Building Regulation sign off or FENSA certificates for windows replaced. The form is a comprehensive one and covers different areas relating to your property sale as highlighted below.

Environmental issues: referencing the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), in addition to other things such as any risks of flooding and presence of Japanese knotweed.

Occupiers: this will give notice to the buyer about the people currently living in the property who intend to continue to do so, after the sale has been completed.

Insurance: this will give the potential buyers an estimate of irregularities which will accompany the property and what the potential costs will be if insurance is needed.

Notices and Proposals: the TA6 form requires you to include letters from the local authorities or from neighbours regarding future development plans that will be going on in the area.

Boundaries: the location of borders will be stated in the form and the person responsible for necessary maintenance of hedges and fences.

Parking: property sellers need to let the potential buyers know the availability of a garage on the property, and if the place offers any other parking options such as a driveway.

Planning, alterations and building control: the form provides information about any completed or ongoing substantial building work carried out on the property, no matter how little or how major. This could vary from installing new windows to building a new extension on the property. As long as it is relevant, it needs to be included in the form.

Services: this includes the condition of central heating, electrical wiring, among other things.

Transaction information: this part of the TA6 form involves providing information about your intentions to buy another house, if you have any. Any special necessities around moving dates will also be specified in the form.

Warrantees and guarantees: this could be applicable to the whole property or any part of it that is relatively new. If new solar panels have been fitted for instance, it would fall under the warranty and guaranty section of the TA6 form.

Complaints and Disputes: Any ongoing disagreements with the neighbours or complaints about them or from them will be included as well.

Connection to services and utilities: the location of the relevant meters for the supply of electricity, water and gas to the property will be specified in this section of the form

Informal arrangements and rights: information about arrangements and rights as they are currently available on the property should be included in the form. If shared access to certain amenities is available, this should be highlighted as well.

Any other charges: this section could include lease costs for lease hold properties and maintenance fees for flats or gated communities.

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Published on 1st June 2017

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