How decorating can have a positive impact on your property

To many people, decorating is a key part of owning a property and creating a home to be proud of you. The interior design of a property can be a big contributing factor to enjoying living in your home, but also to attracting potential buyers to your property and increasing its value. There are many different ways that a property can be improved through decorating and have included a few of these tips below.

Decluttering and Cleanliness

tips on spring cleaning to help get your house ready for sale

A simple way of giving your property a nicer feel and keeping it clean is to declutter from top to bottom. By decluttering your house, you are able to make it neat and tidy, adding a fresh and clean vibe that will not only make you feel better within your own property, but will also make your property more attractive to others too. Sorting and donating unwanted items in your property can help to remove any mess and clutter that may be clogging it up.

After decluttering your house, the next step would be to keep on top of cleaning the property, to keep it looking and smelling like a five star hotel. Cleaning windows, carpets and furniture can all contribute to how appealing your property is, ultimately adding value too.

Managing Space and Using Storage Techniques

By managing the space that you have in your property, you can dramatically increase its value.

Having already decluttered your property, you will be able to position furniture in a way that provides you with a greater amount of space in your rooms, taking away the feeling of being cramped. Increasing the visual space and how big a property generally feels can increase the value, as potential buyers will enjoy being in the property and it will appeal to them on their initial viewing. Space management can be made easy when taking into consideration different techniques that can be used for storage, including cabinets, wardrobes and shelving.

If a property has a number of storage options, not only can there be a lot of space freed up, but the property can look a lot neater and some storage options can become multi-functional. Along with our other advice it can really help get your house ready for a sale.

Paint and Colour Schemes

examples of Paint and Colour Schemes for bedrooms to help make a house more appealing to property buyers

An easy way of improving your home is to use an effective colour scheme, particularly in terms of paint. A key point to remember when considering what colour of paint to use is that more people prefer to see neutral colours, and so using this colour scheme within your property may appeal to more potential buyers. Freshly painted and updated rooms can also add value to your property, providing a clean and up-to-date look that many new home seekers may be looking for.

Choosing the right colours for your property is essential, especially as some colours can have the opposite effect when trying to achieve a particular look or style. Many people opt for white when decorating their kitchen, however it can actually appear cold and unwelcoming to buyers.

Light colours are often advised for bedrooms rather than a brown or a black, whereas orange is to be used with extreme caution, regardless of what room you are considering it for. A final tip for painting a property is to refrain from using gray in dining rooms, based on a recent study that found selling prices can actually decrease by almost £1000 if the dining room is painted in gray.

Keep on top of Maintenance and Repairs

image of tools and how maintaining your house will increase the property value

Although quite often underestimated, keeping on top of maintenance and repairs can help to create a much better love for the property that you live in. Not only will you potentially have one small problem after another clouding your judgement of your property, but not maintaining or repairing things within your property may cause you problems further down the line, most notably when considering selling it during a property valuation.

A combination of small problems throughout the property may make potential buyers believe that it hasn’t been properly looked after and that there could be further underlying issues. As well as putting buyers off, it could also decrease the sale value, meaning that small and fixable problems could actually prevent you from achieving what your property is truly worth.

Published on 21st April 2017

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    I agree, well decor property will shows it is well maintained, and attract buyer for this solid reason to make it final.

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