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How to sell your Bath home without an Estate Agent.

Bath Properties We Buy Quickly

Are you looking for a quick sale for your Bath property? Do you just want an easier way to sell your house or apartment in Bath than having to rely on estate agents?

We currently have cash buyers looking to buy properties in Bath quickly and without any chain. Selling your house through us can save you £6,718 and let you get on with the whole process much quicker and without any stress. The current demand for Bath properties is so high that we can achieve a good price in very little time.

Are you ready to sell your Bath property?

Before you call an estate agent think about what you are looking to achieve. Firstly you want to make sure you get the best price for your property. Secondly you want a quick and stress free sale. Wouldn’t it be so much easier to bypass the agent and deal directly with a cash buyer? Think about the price you want to achieve and need to achieve and then think about what other properties in the area are achieving. Next consider how much you will be charged to sell your property. The cost of selling a property could be around £10k. What sort of valuation will you get? Currently Bath estate agents like Andrews, Mark Naylor, @home, Madison Oakley and Chappell & Matthews can overvalue a property only for it to take ages to sell and end up being reduced to sell.

For a quick house sale and a no hassle, quick transaction we have buyers looking to help sell your Bath property today.

How do agents sell your house? Are you getting the best service?

Example of houses we buy fast in Bath
Example of Bath property we buy purchase

You may have dealt with estate agents in Bath or other areas before and have some experience of how they operate. Sometimes they are trying to keep a number of parties happy all at the same time and because of this struggle to give everyone the best service. They have to keep the buyer happy, the vendor happy, the rest of the chain satisfied and sometimes that can be at your expense. Do you also wander what they do for the money? They list your Bath property on Right Move and On the Market (in Bath Zoopla has been dropped in favour of On the Market) and they advertise it in the local paper. For this you end up paying anywhere between £2k and £5K on an average Bath house. Wouldn’t it be great to save all of this and bypass the agent? Well our FREE service includes agent and solicitor fees, cutting out all of the hassle.



Will you get the asking price with an estate agent?

You may be thinking “but if I sell through an agent I will get more” – will you though? You will be offered an average of 10% under the asking price and will have to negotiate with your Bath estate agent to get you more. The agent is trying to keep the buyer happy and may not be offering you the best service, advising you to accept an offer to get the sale. In the case of a minimum fee the agent has no interest in what the property achieves as they are getting their money regardless.

Get a fast property sale up to 100% valuation in Bath

Talk to us about how we can help you. We will sell your house FREE and get you a cash offer from a reliable source without the need for all the hassle of buyers and a chain. No agents, no fees and an average of 93% of the initial asking price.

How we achieve the best price for you house quickly

We have sold thousands of houses, flats and apartments across the country in all major cities including Bath. We work with cash investors, not small landlords but large local and national investment companies that want long term investments. We charge them a search and source fee and pass the saving on to you.

Bath Roman Spa – One of many reasons we want to invest in Bath

Why we are looking to buy properties quickly in Bath

Bath is a very popular city! With the high speed train to London being introduced soon, demand in the area has increased. It is home to the famous Bath Cathedral and the Roman Baths and many other tourist attractions. Every year it is visited by thousands of tourists and is extremely popular with Americans as it has been for many years. Currently it is one of the most popular cities in the country for buying property outside of London.

We are looking to buy properties quickly in the following locations

Post code map of Bath areas we buy property fast

Lansdown, Combe Down, Bathampton, Weston, Charlcombe, Batheaston, Kelston, Corston, Newton St Loe, Claverton, South Stoke and Limpley Stoke.

We are currently looking for properties in the BA1 BA2 BA3 BA4 BA5 BA6 BA7 B8 BA9 BA10

BA11 BA12 BA13 BA14 BA15 BA16 AB20 BA21 BA22 postcode areas of Bath


Get in touch today for a free quick sale cash offer or follow this link to can learn more about how our quick property sale service works.

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