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Below you will find lots of useful data on your home including previously sold prices plus local area valuations. This up to date information is gathered from official Land Registry data, recent mortgage valuations and asking prices from local Estate Agents.

A member of our valuation team will also call you shorty and present you with your free personalised property valuation, specific to your home, including options if you wish to sell without Estate Agency fees - there is no cost or obligation for this!

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Average prices in your area

Lower Band


Mid Band

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Upper Band


The valuation bands are estimated by taking local asking prices from Estate Agents in your proximity.

Whilst the graph breaks this down further it's important to note several things can affect your property value including condition, alterations, proximity to local services and local demand.

The best way to use this information is to combine it with sold prices on your street, which you will find below.

Historic Sold Prices

Land Registry records every registered sale within the UK. It can provide useful insight into what buyers actually paid for a property rather than what Estate Agents might suggest as a guide price.

Results can sometimes take 3-6 months to show on the Land Registry due to delays such as a Solicitors not immediately submitting information.

We have managed to find the following information for your street.

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