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Are you a property owner in the Wirral looking to sell your property? You may already know the sort of property you are looking for or you may have defied advice and been looking and now found the house you want move to. If this is the case you will need to sell your Wirral property in a hurry. We can offer you a fixed cash price for your property whether you are already on the market or indeed are just starting to think about moving.

Is your Wirral house struggling to sell?

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There are a number of reasons that this can be frustrating for those trying to sell. You may not be in a hurry to move but all the time your house is on the market values are increasing. That works in your favour with the sale of your house but it is all relative and the growth will apply to the house you want to buy next. This could be problematic if you are pushing yourself to your limits already. You are probably on the market with a local Wirral estate agent like Andrews Estates, Bakewell & Horner or Karl Tatler and you have more than likely had multiple valuations. Your property could be overpriced – this is usually the most common reason that properties fail to get an offer. At this point it is worth considering what the house will actually achieve and if you are on the market for too much.

What should you do to achieve a fast house sale in Wirral?

Firstly you need to get a realistic idea of what your Wirral property is worth. If you have it on the market for too much because you need it for your next purchase then you could be waiting a while. Whilst you wait the price of your next price is going up and you will become overstretched. Perhaps you should re-assess your options and look at how much the house is actually worth, how much you will get given buyers always offer under the asking price and how much it is costing you to sell. Estate agents fees and legal fees can total thousands making a move costly.

If you’re looking for a fast house sale we have buyers looking to help sell your house in The Wirral today.

There is another way to paying Wirral Estate Agents fees

Once you have assessed the actual value and what you will realistically achieve and then consider the cost of selling you could find it more cost effective to use our services. You see we don’t charge fees to sell your property and we cover the cost of the legal fees as well. We have large investors who are ready to purchase your Wirral property for a cash price now. With a cash price and no fees plus the stress free process you could be the same or better off than selling the traditional way. Our local Wirral experts with experience and knowledge of your area are on hand to help you today.


Wirral or The Wirral is a North West Peninsula which lies between Liverpool and North Wales. With both affluent and not so affluent areas it is a diverse area with some absolutely beautiful spots but like with many areas some industrial sites as well. With lots to see and do The Wirral offers lots for tourist and visitors.

Areas of Wirral we can buy homes without any fees – quickly!

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So if you want to sell your Wirral house fast we are looking for properties in Heswall, West Kirby, Bebington, Bromborough, Hoylake, Moreton and Greasby.

We are currently looking for properties in the CH41 CH42 CH43 CH44 CH45 CH46 CH47

CH48 CH49 CH60 CH61 CH62 CH63 postcode areas of The Wirral.

Get in touch today for a free quick sale cash offer or follow this link to can learn more about how our quick property sale service works.

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