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The company who are beating Estate Agents in Plymouth and saving customers over £3,000 in fees.

Whether your Plymouth property is already on the market or you’re considering selling your home; getting onto the property ladder is no longer as costly as it used to be.

In fact, it is now possible to put your Plymouth property for sale without the expense of traditional Estate Agents, as well as get top market values; escape EPC’s, Legal Fees and marketing costs (on average £3,268) AND benefit from our offer of a free quick sale.

At Property Cash Buyers we can buy your property outright with cash and instantly save you money by covering the entire costs of your sale.

Why Choose Us Over Plymouth Estate Agents?

plymouth estate agents are not the only way to sell your house quickly
Estate Agents in Plymouth are not your best option to sell your house fast.

When it comes to selling your home, traditionally your first port of call would be visiting a top brand Plymouth Estate Agent; however this isn’t always the best course of action, especially if recent reports are to be taken into consideration. Whilst they might look good on paper, the downsides to choosing these top firms can often outweigh the good.


  • Top Brand Plymouth Estate Agents:– Reports indicate a growing trend amongst top firms of overvaluing properties in a bid to entice sellers into using their business. Sometimes overpriced by as much as 10%, these prices are rarely matched, as homeowners are all too aware of this price scam. As a result, you may be forced to drop your asking price in the long run.- Many agents are implementing a requirement of a 3 month sole agency contract with their firm, preventing sellers from using multiple agents. Essentially forcing sellers to use them for everything – including advertising, legal advice and marketing – these enforced contracts are helping agents to earn hefty commissions.- Larger Estate Agents are gaining an increasingly bad reputation for being impersonal, uncontactable (for updates) and treating clients like a number (not a person). Given the price for their services (£3,000 minimum), such behaviour is unacceptable.
  • Small, local Estate Agents:– Whilst these companies are renowned for their personal touch and commitment to providing lasting relationships; the limited size of their marketing budget can prove restrictive when advertising your home on online property portals. With 90% of property enquiries being generated through these sites; lack of exposure due to budgets could cost your potential Plymouth property buyers.

As you can see, there are many pros and cons to using a Plymouth Estate Agent; however there is an alternative route – cash buyers Plymouth.

At Property Cash Buyer, not only can we offer you a guaranteed cash price for your home, but should you accept our bid, we will also cover the cost of all expenses relating to the sale of your home.

EPC’s, Legal Fees, third party commissions… we will handle it all, thus enabling you to re-pocket the £3,000 you would have paid other Plymouth Estate Agents, and put it towards the deposit or renovation of your new house.

Thanks to our exclusive scheme, you won’t have to part with a single penny. Instead you can benefit from the knowledge that the price we quote, is the price you’ll get, as all our bids are based on the latest market statistics.

plymouth property sold fast in 7 days
This Plymouth property sold fast in just 7 days

How Can You Offer All of This for Free?

Simple. Over the last 6 years we have established strong relationships with some of the largest local and national investments firms/funds in the UK. By collaborating with these companies and sourcing long term investments for their portfolios; we are able to use the fees we charge them to cover the entire cost of our services to you.

No longer do you have to worry about finding the funds to cover your EPC’s and Legal Fees. Our working partnership with these investment firms, gives us the flexibility to buy your Plymouth property straight out using cash and still have enough to pay all your expenses.

Regardless of completion we are always paid, so if you’re contemplating selling your apartment, house or flat in Plymouth, why not contact us today for more details? To date, we have helped over 10,000 sellers to successfully move home and protect their savings, and we can help you too.

What Makes Us Different to Other Plymouth Cash Buyers?

plymouth property sold after local estate agency failed for 12 months

Its not just about selling yours house fast. Its about getting you the best price whilst avoiding Estate Agent fees.

Our ability to provide you with the best of both worlds – access to an extensive network of local property experts whose native roots to Plymouth as well as their intricate knowledge of the property market, will ensure you get the best price for your home, AND the security of our offers.

Unlike many local investors who suffer from limited budgets; our growing national presence and resources means we can easily finance the purchasing of your property, without fear of backing out. In fact, every year we invest in up to 1,000 Plymouth properties, plus thousands more across the UK.

And it is a system that works, as we now rival national companies both financially and in terms of service.

Our extensive network of Plymouth property experts is further proof of our commitment to getting you the best deals. Comprised solely of true natives; these individuals are as equally as passionate about Plymouth as you are; however they differ in the fact they are equipped with years upon years of personal property knowledge, experience and insights.

Like you, they have been held captive to the humour of the Barbican Theatre; have fell in love with scenic views at Dartmoor Zoological Park; have glided across the ice at the Pavilion Ice Rink and have absorbed the history of Smeaton’s Tower, the Mayflower Museum and many art galleries. Their connections to this city are second to none, and will prove invaluable in the selling of your Plymouth property.

Currently, average property prices in Plymouth are £210,909 with detaches selling for £330,099, semi’s for £191,790, terraces for £165,115 and flats for £132,971.

So get in touch today to receive a free quick sale cash offer, or follow this link to learn more about how our quick property sale service work.

Here are areas in Plymouth we can buy houses fast so you don’t need an Estate Agent.

plymouth map of areas we buy fast without estate agent fees

Sell house fast in Plymouth:- Barbican, Barnes Barton, Billacombe, Cattedown, Chaddlewood, Colebrook, Compton, Coxside, Crabtree, Crownhill, Derriford, Devonport, Efford, Eggbuckland, Elburton, Ernesettle, Estover, Ford, Gleholt, Greenbank, Ham, Hartley, Honicknowle, Hooe, Jennycliff, Keyham, King’s Tamerton, Laira, Leigham, Lipson, Longbridge, Manadon, Mannamead, Milehouse, Millbay, Millbridge, Morice Town, Mount Gould, Mount Wise, Mutley, North Hill, North Prospect, Oreston, Pennycomequick, Pennycross, Peverell, Plympton, Plymstock, Prince Rock, Southway, St Budeaux, St Jude’s, Staddiscombe, Staddon Heights, Stoke, Stonehouse, Tamerton Foliot, Turnchapel, Underwood, West Hoe, West Park, Weston Mill, Whitleigh, Widewell and Woodford.

If your property is located in the following post codes, please get in touch for a free valuation and cash offer on your home: Sell your house in Plymouth – PL1, PL2, PL3, PL4, PL5, PL6, PL7, PL8, PL9, PL10, PL11, PL12, PL13, PL14, PL15, PL16, PL17, PL18, PL19, PL20, PL21, PL22, PL23, PL24, PL25, PL26, PL27, PL28, PL29, PL30, PL31, PL32, PL33, PL34, PL35 and PL95

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